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                          ABOUT US

                          Providing clients with the best quality service through our advanced technology, master products, and our outstanding management!

                          Providing clients with the best quality service through our advanced technology, master products, and our outstanding management!
                                Ji'nan North Machinery Co., Ltd. is a Sino foreign joint venture company, foreign personnel in enterprises. Professional products and technology of Ji'nan North Machinery Co., Ltd. since its establishment, to introduce and absorb the international advanced level, professional engaged in a variety of positioner, positioner, welding positioner, light roller frame, DC motor and welding, cutting and auxiliary equipment R & D, production, sales and technical services.
                                Ji'nan North Machinery Co., the company always uphold the "sincere plain" belief, the long-term cooperation with universities and research institutions, is committed to building a high-quality personnel and product system.


                          Notice of price reduction

                          To thank the old and new customers for a long time on the Jinan North Equipment Co., Ltd. trust and support, the company decided to lead some of the equipment price changes. The changes include positioner, wheel bracket and a series of commonly used welding aids.

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